Yoga Asokalayam

The admirable potential of Ashtanga Yoga in various areas of life has been proved from ancient times. Even though the ultimate goal of yoga is salvation, simple yogic practices might be useful to provide a healthy and disciplined life.Yoga can be practiced by anybody according to their capacity regardless of their age, sex, caste, status or health. Here we provide training in Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation etc as per the age and condition of disease, life style.

General Information

.    We are strictly following the Ayurvedic Traditional method.

.    All Panchakarma Chikitsas are provided & all types of PURVA KARMAS (Snehapaanam, Shirodhaara, Swedanam, Abhyangam, Kati Vasti, Shiro Vasti, etc)

.    Rasaayana Chikitsa, Rakta Moksham & other supportive systems like Yoga Therapy , Psychological Counselling , Pranic Healing etc as per need.

.    Doctor’s care through out the period of treatment for in patients

.    Daily prepared medicated decoctions will be provided.

.    Pathya Food mentioned in the Ayurvedic classics will be provided.