Doctors at Asokalayam




Dr.N.N.Devan Namboodiri had studied at Ayurveda college, Coimbatore. After completing academic studies(B.A.M.S), he started private practice and also acquired knowledge in various subjects like Vyakarana, Nyaaya, Meemmamsa, Advaitha Vedantha, Yoga, Ayurveda, Hasthyayurveda etc under Gurukula system from well-known scholars like Late Poomully Neelakandhan Namboodiripad, Late Vaidyamadhom Valiya Narayanan Namboodiri, Late Vaisravanath Vasudevan Namboodiri etc.

Dr.E K Saranya


Dr Saranya is a disciple of Dr Devan Namboodiri and practionar in Asokalayam since 2006. Dr Saranya completed BAMS from Sri Jayendra Saraswati Ayurveda College, Kanchipuram.

Dr.K S Narayanan


Dr Narayanan is the nephew of Dr. Devan Namboothiri. He started studying Yoga & Ayurveda under Dr. Devan Namboothiri in the traditional way parallel to his academic studies.He completed BAMS from Muniyal Institute of theAyurveda Medical Sciences (MIAMS), Manipal and MA Sanskrit from National Sanskrit University- Tirupati.

He studied Veda and other Darshanas from his elder brother Prof. KS Maheswaran.He also trained in Kalari Payatt- a martial art of Kerala, at poomully mana kalari during his school days.He is also a certified yoga trainer & a practitioner of accupuncture.

Dr.V Parvathy


Dr Parvathy is a disciple and niece-in-law of Dr Devan Namboodiri. Dr Parvathy completed BAMS from Sri Jayendra Saraswati Ayurveda College, Kanchipuram.

General Information

.    We are strictly following the Ayurvedic Traditional method.

.    All Panchakarma Chikitsas are provided & all types of PURVA KARMAS (Snehapaanam, Shirodhaara, Swedanam, Abhyangam, Kati Vasti, Shiro Vasti, etc)

.    Rasaayana Chikitsa, Rakta Moksham & other supportive systems like Yoga Therapy , Psychological Counselling , Pranic Healing etc as per need.

.    Doctor’s care through out the period of treatment for in patients

.    Daily prepared medicated decoctions will be provided.

.    Pathya Food mentioned in the Ayurvedic classics will be provided.