Narayananalaym ayurveda chikitsa kendram And Research Centre (NACRC)


Under the guidance of Dr.N N Devan Namboothiri, Narayanalayam has been started functioning on 15 of November 2002 with O.P. Consultation and facility of Pharmacy, under Asokalayam.

During March 2003, we established IPD Inpatient Department also.

We provide a wide range of treatment modalities explained in authentic ayurvedic treatises such as Panchakarma therapies, Rasayana chikitsa, Vajikarana chikitsa etc as per requirements.

Treatments are determined based on individual criteria such as Disease condition, Body nature, age etc. and are performed by specially trained therapists under the supervision of physician.

Diet is just as important as medication and other treatment procedures. Proper diet facilitates treatment and accelerates healing. As part of treatment, the diet prescribed in classical treatises are provided in our canteen.

The decoctions prescribed by the doctor are freshly prepared for the admitted patients.

Yoga, counseling, acupuncture and Pranic healing are used as supportive therapies depending on the patient's condition.

There may be some restrictions on diet and outing as part of the treatment. They are essential to complete the course of treatment without any complications.

Accommodation for admitted patients is arranged on 3 floors and there are well-equipped treatment rooms on each floor.

Situated on the banks of the river Thoota, this place has a lush green environment that creates a serene atmosphere conducive to healing.

Throughout the treatment period, we ensure doctors care for patients.

General Information

.    We are strictly following the Ayurvedic Traditional method.

.    All Panchakarma Chikitsas are provided & all types of PURVA KARMAS (Snehapaanam, Shirodhaara, Swedanam, Abhyangam, Kati Vasti, Shiro Vasti, etc)

.    Rasaayana Chikitsa, Rakta Moksham & other supportive systems like Yoga Therapy , Psychological Counselling , Pranic Healing etc as per need.

.    Doctor’s care through out the period of treatment for in patients

.    Daily prepared medicated decoctions will be provided.

.    Pathya Food mentioned in the Ayurvedic classics will be provided.